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A home inspection can determine the true state of your potential real estate property. Contact Bhutani Brothers to enquire about their home inspection services in Edmonton, AB & surrounding areas.

Hi, I am Yash Bhutani, a CANNACHI Certified Home Inspector and the owner of Pariash Inspections Inc. I have applied the knowledge gained through my extensive experience in cabinet manufacturing, renovations and home construction industry that focused on quality control and product/process improvement to my career as a home inspector. I offer Home Inspection Services in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Ft. Saskatchewan & Surrounding Areas.

As home inspectors in Edmonton and the surrounding areas we provide top quality inspection services for home buyers, home sellers, and even real estate agents and other professionals. Our clients are presented with a very comprehensive and easy to read report. Each property is inspected in detail according to CANNACHI code of ethics (Canadian Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

The trust that our customers place in our knowledge and inspection abilities is something that we value highly, and every home inspection is performed by a professional who is qualified, professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Customer questions and participation is highly encouraged, so that the home owner and home buyer can get peace of mind about the true home condition.

  Bronze Silver Gold
Roofing: Roofing, Chimneys, Vents, Exposed Flashing, Ventilation Covers, Plumbing Stacks, Rain Gutters, Eaves troughs, Downspouts, Roof Drains, Fascia and Soffits. Yes Yes Yes
Exterior Elements: Siding, Windows, Entry Doors, Stairs / Stoops, Porches, Railings, Electrical / GFCI, Exterior Faucets, Foundation Surface. Yes Yes Yes
Site Elements: Patios, Driveway, Walkways, Window Wells, Ground Slope at Foundation, Site Grading. Yes Yes Yes
Garage: Exposed Framing, Attic Ventilation, Walls & Ceilings, Foundation, House / Service Doors / Separation, Vehicle Doors, Door Operators, Electrical. Yes Yes Yes
Attic: Ventilation Provisions, Roof Framing, Roof Deck / Sheathing, Insulation. Yes Yes Yes
Bathrooms: Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs, Wall Tile, Walls / Ceiling, Flooring, Ventilator, Electrical. Yes Yes Yes
Kitchen: Plumbing / Sink, Walls / Ceiling, Electrical Range, Dishwasher, Cabinetry, Counter-top, Flooring. Yes Yes Yes
Interior Elements: Ceiling, Walls, Flooring, Stairs, Railings, Windows, Room Doors, Slider / Patio Doors, Fireplace(s). Yes Yes Yes
Foundation / Substructure: Foundation Walls, Piers / Columns, Main Beams(s), Floor Framing, Basement Floor Slab, Stairs / Railings, Insulation-Vapor / Air Barrier. Yes Yes Yes
Electrical System(s): Service / Entrance Line, Service Grounding Provisions, Main Disconnects, Distribution Panel(s), Devices, Wiring / Conductors, GFCI. Yes Yes Yes
Heating / Cooling Systems: Heating / Cooling Unit(s), Burners, Gas/Fuel Line at Unit, Vent Connector, Combustion Air Peovisions, Distribution System, Thermostat, Blower / Filter. Yes Yes Yes
Plumbing System: Water Piping, Water Flow at Fixtures, Fixture Drainage, Drain/Waste Piping, Gas Piping, Washer / Dryer Concerns, Laundry Sink. Yes Yes Yes
Air Quality Testing: No Yes Yes
Mould Inspection: No No Yes